1. How Much Advance Notice do you need to Prepare the Cake?

The advance notice depends on the cake you are ordering from us:

  • Normal cakes take 6+ hours to be ready
  • Simple Baker’s Inn cakes, quick cakes, 2 tier cakes, and all other designer cakes shown on our website takes 48+ hours to be ready
  • It takes 7 days if you are ordering custom-made cakes, 3d cakes, or cut-out cakes.
  • Wedding cakes are available in Baker’s inn and it takes 4 weeks to make it ready. You have to call us if you need it soon.
2. Can We make Changes in Cake Order?

Normally cake orders are final once we feed all your details into the system but we offer a policy from which you can make changes in your cake orders but you have to give notice for at least 7 days and there will be an increase in prices if you alter or modify something in your cake order.

3. Do You Deliver?

Yes, we deliver, we offer delivery at your doorstep and provide you with all your products safely, the delivery charges are extra so if you have selected delivery must check the delivery charges.

4. What type of Ingredient do you use?

We don’t compromise with the quality of our products and always serve our customers freshly prepare products. we are FSSAI certified and always use pure and best ingredients in our products.

5. Payments You Accept

We accept our payment through all types of payment modes, you can pay in cash or you can pay through debit card, credit card, etc.

6. Do you make Wedding Cakes?

Yes, we do make wedding cakes, you can easily order custom cakes for your wedding, all you have to do is make an order 4 weeks before the date you want us to deliver

7. You are Full Serving Bakery or do you only make Cakes?

Yes, we are a full-serving bakery, you can find cakes, biscuits, snacks, and other confectionary items in our bakery.

8. What is the Refund Policy?

We always try to fulfill our customers’ needs and always make sure to make them smile with our freshly prepared products but sometimes things work with different aspects and if you are not happy with our service and products we provide you the refund. You have to provide us with the details so that we can come for the result, it takes 7 days to complete all the refund process.

Things don’t come in Refund Policy

  • Weather Problem
  • Wrong Delivery Address
  • Customer improper Care