Melt-In-Your-Mouth Flavours
Best In Class Ingredients Used
Freshly Baked Cupcakes,
     Biscuits & Khari
Best In Class
Ingredients Used
Melt-In-Your-Mouth Flavours
Freshly Baked Cupcakes, Biscuits and Khari everyday

Baked Fresh Everyday

Finest Quality

No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavours

All Natural Ingredients


Fssai Certified

Our Best Sellers

Shrewsbury Biscuits
Fruit Cake Slices
Mawa Cup Cakes
Cashew Biscuit
Cheese Khari
Coffee Biscuit

What Our Clients Say

Pallav Vidwans IT professional, Pune

I purchased 3 kgs of biscuits (different flavours). Starting from my intent to purchase, the user experience that I had in dealing with Baker's Inn was brilliant and exceptional to tell the least. Your empathy towards understanding my needs have been spectacular. So, the customer service aspect is exceptional. Now, coming to the products, please find below my insights.
• Exceptionally Fresh • Amazing taste • Sizeable Quantity • Extremely Affordable Pricing

Swati Natrajan
Swati Natrajan Marketing professional, Pune

We initially chose Baker’s Inn due to the location. It was very close to our house. From the initial contact to the delivery, everything has been always great. The 2 flavours of biscuits: almond biscuits and Shrewsbury are my favourite and the taste has been amazing and consistent for years now. Their cakes are delicious and they have the best Shrewsbury biscuits in Pune, my entire family loves it.

Trupti Lendghar
Trupti Lendghar IT professional, Pune

I first tried their biscuits at our home party and the guests to our surprise kept asking where did we get these from? The mixed fruit cake just melts in mouth and the biscuits and Khari are now my all-time favourites with Baker’s Inn. They are absolutely the best bakery products manufacturers in Pune. I Would definitely recommend Them!!

Shubham Padalkar
Shubham Padalkar Fitness professional, Pune

As a fitness enthusiast I often search for healthy food products which are also great in taste. I can proudly say I have discovered the best bakery in Pune. I love their Whole Wheat Oats Biscuit, Corn Flakes Biscuit and Honey Almond Biscuits. Their gift box of assorted biscuits has been always loved on all occasions as a perfect gift. I always recommend theirs cakes and biscuits to all my friends and family

Priti Deshpande IT professional and Home Maker, Texas USA

Baker’s Inn bring back my old memories from the 80s and 90s, when Pune was the hub for all bakery items. Their taste is authentic is consistent from years which is somewhere lost with time and difficult to find with other bakeries in Pune. I love their Khari and Kesar Naan Khatai which is my daily tea time favorite snack. I stock up my favorite biscuits every year when I visit to Pune and take it along with me to the USA.

Vibha Vidwans1
Vibha Vidwans IT communications professional, Pune

I ordered their cupcakes and biscuits for my daughter’s birthday party. The kids loved it so much and kept asking for more and more. Their butter khari is just amazing and my all time favorite tea time snack. Also, their easter eggs although seasonal but are always popular within the kids in my family. I trust them with their Quality and their bakery products are really value for the money. The most famous bakery in Pune camp, for decades now.

Manesh Mudaliar IT Professional, Pune

I have been knowing Mr. Prakash Mudaliar from almost 40 years now and his rise to success in the baking industry is evident to me. His venture Baker’s Inn has been consistently well performing and they have indeed the best bakery products manufacturers in Pune for years now. My personal favorites are their Shrewsbury biscuits and coffee biscuits. I would definitely recommend to try their biscuits and cakes for the Quality they maintain from decades now.

Dr Meghana Natekar Dentist, Goa

I have known Baker’s Inn right from my school days. It has been our childhood favorite for both me and my brother. All our birthday parties and festive occasions would be incomplete without Baker’s Inn biscuits and cakes. I personally love their Mawa cupcakes and coffee biscuits which is always baked fresh whenever ordered. Also, their products are available widely in super markets and generals stores across Pune which makes it easy to buy. I would highly recommend them for freshly baked cakes and yummy biscuits.

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