A coupler is a partly divided 2 size nozzles made up of plastic material which helps to change icing tips easily. The important question is here that how you can use a coupler with pastry bags and the task is not that hard. There are two parts in a coupler the base and the ring,

  • First, you have to remove the ring from the coupler base now put the coupler base into the bag and fix it as far as you can.
  • Now there are two types of bags available in the market first one is featherweight bag and the other one is disposal bag, use according to your needs
  • Push the coupler base into the bag
  • Put the decorating tip on the base of the coupler
  • Put the ring over it and twist it to make it lock.

A Coupler makes decorating cakes a little easier, we don’t have to make multiple bags for the same color icing, all you have to do is take the bag and change the tip by just removing the coupling base. Making a Piping Bag in the right way can make things work with ease, if you apply your Icing, Jams in a neat way it will turn your cake into a Paragon.

You can easily get your Pastry coupler, several Online Websites and E-commerce stores are selling different types of couplers online. You can also buy them from your local shops in your area. Couplers are also called Cake Nozzles, Cake Decorating Items, cake Decorating tools, etc.